Chromeo brings a storm of high-energy electronic funk


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You’ve just gotta appreciate an artist whose sole purpose is to make the crowd dance and electronic funk duo Chromeo did precisely that. I had never heard of Chromeo before Sunday at the Austin City Limits Music Festival and had no idea what I was getting into it (admittedly, I expected hip-hop based on their name).

Their set began with a low thunder rumbling, alerting the crowd of the imminent music storm, interrupted by bursts of lightning cracks and flashes before lead vocalist David Macklovitch and instrumentalist Patrick Gemayel energetically entered the stage.

Anyone who knows Chromeo knows about the legs. Adding a bit of humor to their set long ago, the band attached two sets of sexy, red stiletto-ed legs to their keyboard stands and kept them there as their symbol for performances to come.

Reminiscent of Austin-based duo Ghostland Observatory, Chromeo creates high-energy beats with fun lyrics that even the non-dancer can’t help but bob along to. This is created with a multitude of instruments that both members expertly handled for the hour-long set. Perhaps the most interesting of them all is Gemayel’s talkbox, a tube that he speaks or sings into, turning him into Darth Vader at a rave.

By far the most entertaining part of Chromeo’s set was when Macklovitch asked all the females in the crowd to get on the shoulders of the male next to her before performing “Over Your Shoulder.” The sight of dozens of music festival-dressed girls dancing and singing from shoulder level was further proof of Chromeo’s ability to thoroughly entertain a crowd.

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