25-year-old DJ Zedd pumps up the crowd

Online Editor in Chief

Zedd may not sing or play musical instruments during his set, but he does know how to drop a sick beat and get a huge crowd jumping up and down in unison with their fists in the air.

This was the scene during the Zedd’s set first weekend of ACL. The crowd went wild as he mixed songs like “Clarity,” “Stay the Night” and even Disclosure’s “Latch.”

Zedd also makes up for the lack of singing and dancing with his vibrant set: a constantly moving, crazy visual experience which took over a digital screen covering the entire height of the stage. It didn’t feel like anything was lacking, actually.

Zedd also proved that you don’t need to sing or play an instrument to prove how musically knowledgeable you are. It takes a real musician to be able to blend beats and mix songs the way Zedd managed to do in his hour-long set. There is a constant balance, almost like he gives the audience small breaks to recharge, and then surprises by dropping an unexpected beat or a crowd-pleasing song to get everyone in the crowd riled up all over again. It’s hard to believe Zedd is only 25 by watching his skills in mixing and producing some of the catchiest beats in recent years.

To watch Zedd is to literally watch art. You can’t keep your eyes off his insane setting and you can’t help but fist pump and dance. He’s fun. He’s engaging. He’s a firework.

Watch Zedd perform Sunday on the Miller Lite stage at 7 p.m.

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