Ty Segall slays crowd at Mohawk

The show began with a local band Think No Think. With vocals similar to those of Led Zeppelin and a heavy use of bass and fuzzy electric guitars, they set the mood for the psychedelic rock that was to come.

I was lucky enough to chat with the lead singer, John Dowey. When I asked him about a motto he goes by, he promptly giggled and replied, “losers for life, kid.

Dowey also gave up some advice for his fans: If you really love something, then do it. Though simple, its quite inspiring and relatable for someone who is in the process of writing and performing music.

After a 15-minute break for the bands to dismantle and reassemble their set, Wand came on. With sounds similar to Tame Impala, the Los Angeles-based quartet incorporates warm vocals, heavy use of phasing and surreal, indistinguishable lyrics to emphasize their psychedelic rock sound.

Besides the fact that they had a heavier rock sound on stage, their live performance was almost synonymous with their recordings. Their stage presence was very energetic and engaged the crowd to get a bit rowdy.

Finally, at 10:45, Ty Segall and his bandmates took the stage, doused in glitter and celestial attire.

Segall, a blonde haired blue eyed dream boat, has a modest, shy demeanor that is immediately eliminated when he starts his performance. Though labeled as psychedelic rock, Segall put on a heavy performance that leaned more towards garage rock, with substantial use of fuzzy pedals and drone guitars.

The crowd was so entranced that they became physical with each other. When the tempo was quick and the electric guitar was heavy, the crowd complied by using their bodies as vessels to express their connection with the music. The heavy bass and intense electric guitar solos were on point.

It was a wonderful show.

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