Katie Brown on Beauty

Like fashion trends, beauty trends are constantly changing. There’s always something new and innovative coming out in the beauty world, whether it be an ever-popular BB cream, a new formula of lipstick or a hair product that claims to make your tangles completely disappear.

While I sometimes hate to admit, I’m a sucker for all of it. When a hyped-up product finally hits the shelves, I have no problem spending my hard-earned cash from my last paycheck for the splurge.

Fortunately for me (but not for my wallet), there is always something new to try, and it’s apparent there are a lot of beauty products out there. As someone who happily spends my free time entering “best drugstore moisturizers” into the Google search bar, even I get overwhelmed.

If you can relate to anything I just said, you’ve found yourself the right place. On this blog, I will be updating you all on new collections, new products and anything else I find that sparks my interest and that I think will spark yours as well.

Now, I want to give you all my personal opinion about beauty upfront. I wear makeup for myself, not anyone else. Like fashion, I look at makeup and beauty products as an art form, or a way of self-expression.

While we are all beautiful and should definitely aim to feel comfortable in our own skin, I think it’s still important to feel good and confident. To me, makeup and beauty products should be used only to enhance natural features. So all you cute, freckly people out there – don’t hide them – embrace them!

That being said, my first beauty tip of the year is this: Don’t compare yourself to others – embrace your imperfections and use makeup to only enhance your natural features.

Also, prepare to be turned into quite the lipstick lover. I believe that lipstick can transform your entire look, and as one wise, unknown person once said, “Even on a bad day, there’s always lipstick.” You can’t really argue with that.