SXSW Music: Childish Gambino


A crowd of 15,000 people gathered as SXSW came to a close for one of the most exciting performances of the week.

With a setting that could mesmerize anyone from around the world, Childish Gambino enchanted the audience with his suave rap performance. The audience might have been tired, as it was the final day of SXSW, but you would not think so given how big of a dance party this concert was. Gambino performed several tracks from his latest album, including “Worldstar,” “3005” and “The Worst Guys.” You could tell by his charismatic performance that he has found true confidence performing in front of large audiences.

Gambino, a.k.a. Donald Glover, has recently reached a new level in rap and this performance confirmed to the audience that he has earned his way.

With a past in the acting industry, Gambino has devoted recent attention to his music career. The concert gave an intricate storyline that unraveled an in-depth narrative involving parental advice, broken relationships, violence and threesomes. Throughout the concert, the audience was captivated by the rapper’s true artistic ability.