SXSW Music: Real Estate


New Jersey chill beach rockers, Real Estate, performed songs from their new album “Atlas” over the weekend at the Spotify House.

Real Estate is an indie rock band who make laid-back and mesmerizing songs. The group was an official showcasing artist at SXSW and played another show at the Day Stage in the Austin Convention Center. The band consists of vocalist Martin Courtney, guitarist Matt Mondanile and bass player Alex Bleeker.

“Atlas” is the band’s third album to date, following the release of “Days” in 2011 and the self-titled “Real Estate” in 2009. Real Estate serenaded the audience with new songs such as “Had to Hear” and “Talking Backwards” while also mixing in some of their classics like “Wonder Years” and “It’s Real.”

Their new album will definitely make you nostalgic for simpler times and maybe even inspire you to take a road trip to the beach.

While “Atlas” is unmistakably Real Estate, it seems much more personal than the band’s two previous albums, with more personal and sentimental lyrics and melodies. Give “Atlas” a listen and you will soon be infatuated with the chill tunes of Real Estate.