Fun Fun Fun: MGMT


Although Day 3 of Fun Fun Fun Fest was overwhelmed with musical acts on all stages, indie psychedelic band MGMT stood out on the Orange Stage and delivered a solid set for the festival goers.

Although Bonobo was playing an excellent show on the Blue Stage and French metal big-timers Gojira were destroying the Black Stage, MGMT managed to keep most of the crowd around for their hour-long set.

First of all, I was slightly disappointed, yet not surprised, at how the crowd actually turned out for the band. It was obvious that most of the standing fans were there for the huge hits mostly on MGMT’s debut “Oracular Spectacular,” to the point where it was bothering some of the more excited audience, including me.

As the casual standers stood and took snapchats of them and tweeted how excited they were for the band to play “Kids,” MGMT were delivering a nice jam session filled with songs of their new self-titled LP, including “Mystery Disease” and “Introspection.” The Brooklyn-based band played with a psychedelic jam style with guitar riffs blending with snappy electronic synths; their gig proved that their comparison Pink Floyd cannot be ignored.

MGMT sounded at their best when they played solid hits from “Congratulations,” a very rock-oriented and different album compared to their poppy debut, such as “Flash Delirium” and “Congratulations.” Even though they were sounding great, the crowd could not have seemed more dead. One bystander scoffed and wondered why they had not played “Electric Feel” yet.

It is understandable that most bands have a certain song or two that just cannot stop being overplayed, and MGMT were completely aware of it. Although “Kids” was a really great single upon its release, the lead singer delivered the vocals in a monotonous fashion, from a visual perspective. The crowd came back to life as soon as that initial explosion of a synth riff hit the speakers, as expected.

Overall, MGMT was an amazing addition to the already packed Fun Fun Fun Fest weekend, and it was one of the headliners that were just sure to result in a great show. The psychedelic visuals projected on the screen, featuring a computer generated human-bird hybrid limping around, was a nice touch to their spaced-out music and it set off a warm and satisfying beginning-of-the-end to the festival.