Fun Fun Fun: The Locust

Fun Fun Fun: The Locust

After three entire days of heavy-hitting, headache-inducing music, it seemed like the Black Stage would have toppled over itself by the time the final day arrived.

Thanks to the amazing Fun Fun Fun Fest staff who worked extremely hard on this festival, things were just getting started for metal and punk enthusiasts. The most exciting group of the night was legendary grindcore band aptly named The Locust, possibly the heaviest, loudest and fastest band to ever rock full fly bodysuits.

Even though things were delayed from the start, The Locust came out ready to put on an amazingly screeching show and the audience loved it straight from the beginning. Even the people who were checking them out for the first time were absorbed into the show due to their appearance alone. It is sort of difficult to imagine human flies playing the craziest show one could ever see, but that is exactly what happened.

The Locust is notorious for their speedy playing and heavy induced riffs, not to mention their ear-piercing vocals coming from each member at times. The most important aspect of their sound, however, is the haunting and daring synthesizer that adds a whole different and more frightening element to their already haunting sound. The synthesizer was the main culprit at the show, although each band member gave it their all to put out the best set that night, which included Gojira and King Khan.

Another unforgettable aspect of The Locust was the length of their songs. The insane crowd was feeling every moment of the show, but the usual lengths of each song averaged around 45 seconds so it was sort of funny seeing a slightly confused mosh pit. What they lack in song length they made up in quality, however. Each song was packed with heavy bass, ridiculous drumming and overall an amazing set by one of the greatest grindcore bands to exist that no witness will ever forget.