SXSW Music: Tegan and Sara

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Tegan Quin had quite the shock prior to performing with her sister, Sara, at the Austin Music Hall.

“We were doing an interview, and I thought I felt something fall into my shirt,” she said during a lull in the set. “After the interview, I went into the bathroom and stripped down, and a gigantic flying ant … was inside of me basically … I’m like post-traumatic stress.”

Well, they say artists must suffer to create, right? The ant deserves some credit, because Tegan and Sara’s performance was a knockout. 

Blazing through material from their new album “Heartthrob,” plus classic favorites like “The Con” and “Where Does The Good Go,” it was amazing to see how effortlessly the two blended despite the radical jumps in sound. 

The twins’ glorious harmonies were on display as well, though the loud volume of their backing band threatened to drown them out on occasion.  

Despite it all, Tegan and Sara put on a performance that was truly engaging to watch.