Student plays music aloud throughout campus

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Student plays music aloud throughout campus

Chandler welcomes song requests on Facebook or in person.

Chandler welcomes song requests on Facebook or in person.

Chandler welcomes song requests on Facebook or in person.

Chandler welcomes song requests on Facebook or in person.


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Although around campus he is known as “The Music Guy,” his real name is Austin Chandler. Chandler, currently in the freshmen class of St. Edward’s University, chooses to spend his time between classes being a traveling one-man band.


He can usually be found wearing a black outback-style cowboy hat, shades and of course sporting his boom box. Politely turning off the music, Chandler said that to him, music is more calming than silence.


The origin of his tale began on the second day of last semester. After his first class seeking something familiar, he began to play music on his phone.


Quickly realizing that he did not have headphones, he decided to play his music anyways. Spending the rest of the day playing classic rock aloud on his phone made him wish he had his speakers with him.


The very next day Chandler brought three battery powered computer speakers, hooked them up to his phone, carried them around in his hands and played music aloud.


He received immediate positive attention from other students by playing classic rock from Led Zeppelin to Freddie King. Chandler’s moving concerts are always accompanied with a big smile and positive attitude.


While the blues is his favorite type of music, he keeps an open mind. As he has become well-known across campus, Chandler has used social media to engage those around him.


His Facebook page, “Austin – The Music Guy,” is an open forum to announce the songs he will be playing.


“If I’m going to be playing country, I will warn people,” said Chandler.


He also uses the site to take music requests. Of course these requests must pass his own standard of quality music, as he is the one promoting it.


“I don’t enjoy listening to rap, but I do completely respect and understand those who do,” Chandler said.


Chandler is also known to make requests in real time. This is done most commonly while he is eating lunch and dinner. It is easiest to ask when he is at a stand still.


Originally, he played music aloud to make himself happy, but it turned out that it makes others happy as well.


Once, while playing Bob Seger’s “Against the Wind“ in a school elevator, a professor asked Chandler to take his class next semester. This, as well as other encounters, has reinforced a positive opinion of “The Music Guy.”


His reputation has encouraged Chandler to continue to openly share his music with others and expose people to new and different styles. Since his humble beginnings, “The Music Guy” has upgraded speakers to an MTX Audio iThunder, which is perfect for carrying around campus.


His popularity has surpassed even his own ability to keep track. During our interview on campus he was called out for being, “The Music Guy,” in passing. Then turned to me and whispered, “I don’t even know who that is,” in a genuinely innocent way.


Although he always politely accepts the request to turn his music down, he never indulges those who rudely ask him to turn off the music.


Throughout campus Chandler has made an impact on the St. Edward’s community. Self-admittedly not all of his publicity has been positive.


Some students have been negative about his musical way of life, complaining both openly to Chandler and also over the Internet. This however does not discourage Chandler.


“I’m just a guy that likes music…and women,” he said.