Starting from before Nite Jewel’s set even began, it did not look promising. The crowd was sadly thin and when lead singer Ramona Gonzalez and her band stepped onto the stage, the energy was low.


Gonzalez is no doubt a talented singer, but this set did nothing for her. The synthesized music was overpowering and distracting. The crowd could only hear the lyrics presented in long, drawn-out notes with random inflections—her words were unintelligible.


Gonzalez and her band’s sound has the potential to be fun and unique but is presented in a very uninteresting way.


At some points, it seemed that not a single person in the crowd was dancing; an audience member in particular was actually reading a book during Nite Jewel’s set.


This band could be great—they have the talent and the creativity—but it was lost on the Fun Fun Fun Fest crowd.