China to offer partner campus with university


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St. Edward’s University has announced a new partnership agreement with Wu Yee Sun College, a division of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The contract begins in the fall 2013.

“Every affiliation we pursue is to build a bridge between our university, our students and our community and another university and another community in a different country,” Associate Vice President for Global Initiatives Bill Clabby said.

This particular relationship came to fruition after administrators from Asia Pacific University in Japan, another of St. Edward’s partners, introduced administrators from the Chinese University of Hong Kong to the St. Edward’s faculty working to find a Chinese partner. St. Edward’s sent a delegation to Hong Kong to see what the Chinese university had to offer. St. Edward’s ended up working specifically with Wu Yee Sun because it has a similar global and service-based mission rooted in the ideals of the Holy Cross tradition.

“Wu Yee Sun College is the best fit. We both have a very strong emphasis on service to the community and to the world and also an emphasis on the development of the student as an individual,” Clabby said.

Under this bilateral partnership, the two universities agreed to a one-for-one exchange program. This type of exchange means that for every St. Edward’s student abroad at Wu Yee Sun, one student from Wu Yee Sun will be able to study at St. Edward’s. 

Clabby envisions that options such as faculty exchanges and summer sessions will come overtime.

“This partnership will exemplify the mutual benefit in these types of relationships,” Jennifer Hsiao, a professor of Chinese at St. Edward’s, said.

Currently, St. Edward’s offers four levels of Chinese language courses. However, Clabby said that the addition of the partnership with Wu Yee Sun will hopefully spark students’ interest in 

learning Chinese and that if there is the demand, St. Edward’s will offer more Chinese classes. 

Prior to establishing a satellite campus at the Catholic University of the West in Angers, France, St. Edward’s did not offer a French minor. Since interest increased, the university now offers both a French minor and major.

When St. Edward’s students study abroad at Wu Yee Sun in Hong Kong, they will take a variety of classes taught in English alongside native Chinese students. Though not required, students can take Mandarin classes.

Wu Yee Sun students will also take classes in English at St. Edward’s. 

“You are adding another tier to the culture because Asian culture is very diverse. The culture in Hong Kong has different things to offer than the culture in South Korea and Japan,” junior Ruoyun Xu said.

This opportunity will begin in the fall 2013. Clabby said the university is going to start marketing this program through the study abroad office and by speaking to students currently enrolled in Chinese classes. Currently, one student has expressed interest in the program to the study abroad office.