FFF FEST REVIEW: Anamanaguchi

Life & Arts Editor

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Anamanaguchi is as unique as their name. Their brand of electro-pop, guitar-driven rock is truly one of a kind.

There are no lyrics in Anamanaguchi songs.  There are only the futuristic melodies of four friends from New York City.

Their music is in an emerging genre known as chiptune. It is fast-paced, fun and energetic, interspersed with nostalgic noises from classic 8-bit video games. 

The band members matched their sound with multicolored hair, skinny jeans and neon guitar strings.

One of the bass strings broke during the set, but Anamanaguchi did not let this get them off track.  Quirky frontman Peter Berkman kept the show going with an impromptu Blink-182 cover and strange meowing noises.

The members themselves studied fashion in college before finding their true calling as chiptune musicians.  During their fashion days, people called them the Armani Prada Gucci boys.  This nickname was shoved together to form their band name, Anamanaguchi.