Student to design new garden


The current campus garden that students can expand on in a design contest is behind Teresa Hall.

Melissa Garcia

St. Edward’s University’s Students for Sustainability are hosting the Campus Garden Design Contest. Students have the opportunity to submit a design for the new community garden on campus and win a plaque with their name as the designer as well as $100 cash.

The new campus garden will be an addition to the one already in place behind Teresa Hall.

“The Environmental Club fought for several years to get the garden at Teresa,” Students for Sustainability President Portia Odell  said.

The garden would either be an expansion of the current garden or a separate, brand new garden behind Teresa Hall. With the new campus garden, there would be opportunities for organizations or single students to serve community service hours for helping to work and maintain the garden.

“At Southwestern [University], members of the community and students get service hours for working the garden,” Odell said. “And since they produce over 1,000 pounds of produce, they donate a lot of it. That would be one  of our goals for the garden, for some of the produce to be donated to people in ones.”

The building of the new garden is very dependent on the Green Fund. The Green Fund is an endeavor being headlined by Students for Sustainability that would add an additional amount of money to tuition for sustainability projects on campus.

“There would be a committee that would include faculty, staff and student representatives that would make the decisions regarding the use of the green fund,” Odell said. “We hope to structure it where students could propose what they would like the Green Fund to be used