Fun Fun Fun Fest: Glover makes rap for hipsters

If there was one man who totally dominated Fun Fun Fun Fest this year, it would have to be Donald Glover. Co-founder of the Derrick Comedy group, writer on “30 Rock” and star of “Community,” Glover performed to two different jam-packed crowds on Saturday.

His first performance was his laugh-riot stand up act on the Yellow Stage. The Yellow Stage is the smallest stage at the festival and only meant to hold a few hundred people, but by the time Glover took the stage, there were more than double that many eagerly awaiting fans.

The comedian opened up his act by addressing the controversy that’s been raging on the Internet about him playing Spiderman in the upcoming movie and how people think he would be much better suited to play Shaft rather than Peter Parker. Glover then went on to crack jokes about how the concept of Santa Claus is actually really creepy when you think about it and how he thinks all children are really just little Hitlers.

Glover’s second performance was in front of a huge crowd at the Blue Stage later in the evening with his rap group Childish Gambino. Unlike most rap groups, Childish Gambino gets his message across with analogies and comedy rather than focusing on blatant degradation of women or gang violence, which makes the group more relatable and popular among non-hip-hop fans. Another aspect that differentiates Childish Gambino from other rap groups is that the band—two guitarists, a drummer and a violinist—is just as crucial to the group as Glover himself.

Childish Gambino’s set was 45 minutes of non-stop dancing from the crowd and from Glover, who really got into the songs, jumping around the stage the entire time. Glover also reminded the crowd that his commercial debut album, “Camp,” comes out Nov. 15.