Freshman guard sets up for season

Denae Dibrell

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Freshman Frankie Iwebunor Mgbolu’s attended St. Gregory College Preparatory in Tucson, Arizona, where his basketball team won two state championships—largely due to Mgbolu’s participation.

Mgbolu, pronounced ‘Ma-bo-lu,’ has been playing basketball since he was in the 6th grade.

Mgbolu said he chose to attend St. Edward’s because he wanted to live in Austin. Now that he is here, he greatly appreciates how friendly everyone on campus is.

So far, his favorite sports moment at St. Edward’s has been Midnight Madness because it entailed a great amount of fan support for the players.

“My favorite part about being a part of the St. Ed’s basketball team is being a part of a family who truly loves the game of basketball,” Mgbolu said.

Mgbolu, a 5’11” point guard, values basketball because it has always been such an integral part of his life. He claims it has done a lot for him. Because of basketball, he is getting a good education, has many different “families” and has become a humble person.

“Basketball is everything. It’s life to me. I love the game,” Mgbolu said.

Mgbolu is a business major, and aside from basketball he enjoys playing soccer, baseball and playing video games on his X-Box 360.