Dayglow paints a colorful experience for Austin partiers


Dayglow brought the party to the Austin Music Hall Jan. 28 and 29.

For one weekend, a mass of young partygoers dressed in white took over Austin Music Hall for Dayglow, an internationally touring dance party.

Dayglow goes beyond the usual rave. The party includes the usual dancing, heavy bass techno and a blur of people in altered states of mind, but what sets Dayglow apart from the rest is the paint blasted onto the crowd at the stroke of midnight.

Dayglow began in 2006 on Florida college campuses and since then has toured in major party cities such as Miami and Cancun.

On the promotional video, Dayglow-goers are seen dancing into the early hours of morning, covered in paint and having a blast. At the actual event, however, it was easy to spot partiers dancing with trace amounts of paint, in line for the bathroom or on the hunt for sources of hydration.

Before the actual party started, attendees had to brave the cold and stand in line. Since there was no place for a sweater inside the music hall, thousands of people stood in line for up to two hours in nothing more than white T-shirts and shorts.

Once inside the venue, attendees found that Austin Music Hall had been transformed into the ideal party spot. A giant screen at the front of the party displayed a countdown until the midnight paint blast. Fluorescent objects and balloons hung from the ceiling and cups, lost articles of clothing, and paint littered the floor.

Many partiers dressed prepared for the paint: goggles, cheap flip-flops and worn out clothing ready to be splattered were the norm.

“It was rowdy, and paint flying,” junior Jamie Aldridge said. “I wanted as much paint on me as possible.”

Partygoers might have left with one fewer shoe, decreased hydration and diminished hearing, but they also left with memories and stories to last until the next time the “World’s Largest Paint Party” rolls into town.

“It was my first time going and it won’t be my last,” junior Ryan Harris said.