Alamo Drafthouse screens Oscar nominated short films

The Oscar category for live-action shorts is usually one of those categories that most people glaze over. It doesn’t get nearly the same press as the high-profile films, but these films can be just as good. To familiarize patrons with these shorts, the Alamo Drafthouse is screening all the films in one sitting. Today is the last day to catch the screening, so don’t miss out.

1. “The Confession”

Sam finds himself faced with having to perform the Catholic sacrament of reconciliation for the first time. He wracks his brain for days but finds that he has nothing exciting to confess. With some help from his friend, the young boys make trouble and concoct a sin for Sam to confess. A seemingly innocent prank goes awry and leads to dire consequences. The guilt of his actions takes hold of Sam and leads him to an even worse turn.

2. “Wish 143”

David is a frustrated adolescent with a peach-sized tumor in his chest. He spends his days reading a book about fruit and trying to be as alive as possible. He is given an opportunity to have any of his wishes granted. Much to the demise of his wish granter, David wants to lose his virginity. After failed attempts to have his wish made public, David loses hope. But with the help of a priest, a friend of the priest and a few good words, David finds hope and happiness in a new wish.

3. “Na Wewe”

This short film takes place in 1994 Burundi, where the violence from neighboring Rwanda has spilled over. Two Frenchmen are stranded on the side of the road, where they are picked up and helped by a bus of people. As they’re driving, the people in the bus get lost in the language of the Frenchmen, not being able to understand anything. They then are pulled over by a gang of rebels, where an interesting turn of events and some U2 music help ensure their safety.

4. “The Crush”

In this Irish short film, a cowboy film loving second-grader has a crush on his teacher. He gets the nerve to give her a ring he bought with his own money, and from then on he believes they are to be married. To his surprise and horror, he runs into his teacher with another man, and she is wearing his ring. The man is bossy and greasy, and the young boy vows to make things go his own way. As the boyfriend is waiting for the teacher after school, the boy comes up to him and challenges him to a pistol duel—little does the man know that this love struck boy is dead serious.

5. “God of Love”

The Oscar shorts compilation is brought to an end by this American film. Raymond Goodfellow is hopelessly attracted to one of his band mates, while at the same time being hopelessly skilled in dart throwing. However, the girl is in love with his best friend. After a gig, he receives a mysterious package of love darts from the Olympus Foundation. The darts make anyone struck by them instantly attracted to the love object for six hours. After failed attempts to get the girl of his dreams to love him, Raymond decides to make love happen for others. The film ends with a wonderful epigram that you’ll be saying for the rest of the night.