New boutique supplies shoppers with thrifty, yet chic style

If you’ve been in Austin for longer than a quick trip, you have probably stumbled into Feathers Boutique, a vintage clothing boutique located on the corner of South Congress and Milton.

Six years after Feathers’ debut and lasting success (Drew Barrymore wore a dress purchased at feathers to a Nylon event), owners Emily Hoover and Masha Poloskov have teamed up once more to bring Moss Designer Consignment to South Austin’s legions of fashionistas.

Moss Designer Consignment is exactly what it sounds like—a consignment boutique that provides top-tier fashion labels such as Chanel, Alexander Wang and Manolo Blahnik, to name a few.

Located at 705 South Lamar, Moss goes far beyond any usual thrift store or vintage boutique. Filled with a glittering array of timeless and prominent wardrobe pieces, women across the fashion spectrum are more than likely to fall in love with at least one piece.

As soon as shoppers step foot in the posh space, their eyes frantically try to take in everything at once from the racks of designer duds, to the rows of shoes, to the nifty terrariums and fabulous Gucci handbags.

Hanging on the delicate racks are pieces to suit any girl’s taste. High-rise skinny jeans, romantic LBDs and perfect date blouses fill the boutique with an air of class and excitement.

Under the counter glass lay delicate jewelry pieces from local jewelry designers, as well as trendy designer sunglasses and an abstract Emilio Pucci scarf.

Those who are wary about setting foot in Moss for fear of not being able to find your size, should not worry. The boutique features a large variety of sizes, including a green tweed Burberry coat in a size 12.

If you are thinking about consigning some of your clothes to Moss, keep a few things in mind: desirable pieces are ideally contemporary designer labels, somewhat current, and in good or excellent condition.

“We rely on the ladies of Austin [for our pieces],” Sari Warenoff, the store manager, said. Moss also collects pieces from around town and out of town.

“Our store is hand picked. We like more classic pieces that have lasting power.”

College usually brings a slew of financial stress, but Moss’s prices are not on the high end.

“It’s a huge trend to recycle [clothing],” Warenoff said. “This [designer consignment] is a trend for young women who want really fabulous things but can’t afford the price tags.”

Moss does not feature layaway options, so if you are eyeing that pleated Chanel skirt, chances are it will not be there next time.

“We had a gold Yves Saint Laurent bag that was just fabulous,” Warenoff said, as she urged a customer to consider purchasing a pair of geometrical platform shoes. Because, like the majority of Moss’s pieces, they will not be on the shelf for long.