Hilltop Views

Katie Brown on How to Bold Brows

September 18, 2013

When I was younger, I distinctly remember my grandma, whose brows were fairly thin and shaped with the help of a pencil, telling me that I should never do anything to my eyebrows.I apparently didn’t take my grandma’s advic...

LIPGLOSS: Things I don’t get about dating


September 12, 2013

As an undergraduate 20-something with pretty minimal (read: sporadic and uneventful) dating experience, I might not seem qualified to be writing a dating blog for undergraduate 20-somethings. But I know enough to be aware of a...

In the College Kitchen with Jenna


September 9, 2013

Hilltop Views Blogs will soon feature blogs from four different Hilltoppers: Jenna Craig on cooking in a college kitchen, Katie Brown on fashion, Zach Busby on surviving as an SEU man, and "Lipgloss" on dating. Check every day ...

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