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Oscar Nominations 2018: The good, the snubs and the ugly


January 29, 2018

In about a month, the Academy will put an end to the campaigns and arguments of 2017’s best films. Viewers woke up early on Jan. 23 to see which artists were nominated for their craft in categories like producing, directing...

Newest Netflix series ‘Love’ offers harsh view of modern dating world

Dustin Gebel

March 3, 2016

We’ve all been privy to the message of those sappy rom-coms: you know, the ones where normal but ‘quirky’ people have this spectacular meeting and proceed to fall in love. If that’s the story you’re looking for, then Net...

‘Titanic’s’ Jack destined for death: could not have fit on door

Lilli Hime

February 19, 2016

Everyone knows about the infamous scene in “Titanic” when Jack sinks tragically into the freezing waters of the Atlantic. Rose, while sitting idly by, survives safely aboard a door fit for two. Fans have picked the scene to the bo...

‘Fuller House’ spinoff series brings ’90s nostalgia

Amanda Gonzalez

February 19, 2016

Spin-off television series are either a hit or miss. But I’m willing to bet the new sitcom “Fuller House” will be just as great as its predecessor.Premiering Feb. 26 on Netflix, “Fuller House” comes full circle two ...

J-Law bullies reporter for attention, laughs

Rosemond Crown

January 22, 2016

Remember that annoying kid in middle school or high school who told stupid jokes or intentionally embarrassed others just to get laughs? Jennifer Lawrence was that kid at this year’s Golden Globes.At the press conference af...

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