Leo goes Gaga at Golden Globes



At most Hollywood awards shows, catching a moment of authenticity from the industry’s biggest film and television stars can be challenging if not impossible. The Golden Globes, however, are a different story.

The Golden Globes are notorious for candid, and occasionally drunken, antics. We have the 25-year french champagne sponsor, Moet, to thank for loosening up our favorite stars.

Last year Moet reported that approximately 7,500 glasses of champagne are consumed at the yearly soiree. The french bubbly may also be to blame for the mess that Golden Globe favorite, Leonardo Dicaprio, made for himself at the event.

The rolling TV cameras caught The Revenant star laughing and giving some serious side eye to pop-princess turned TV star Lady Gaga.

Gaga bumped Dicaprio’s shoulder as she walked up to the stage to accept her award for her role on this season of American Horror Story. Dicaprio responded to the run-in by wincing away from Gaga and making a seriously sarcastic face that immediately exploded on the internet.


Users on Vine, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram wasted no time in sharing videos and gifs of the awkward Dicaprio moment. The much speculated contact was all over the internet before the Golden Globes had even ended.

As with any other viral video, internet users instantly began to speculate what spurred Dicaprio’s dramatic reaction. Some speculated that Dicaprio, a film star, was poking fun at the television awards. Others suggested that Dicaprio was laughing at the fact that pop singer turned actress Lady Gaga had won a Globe. 

In an attempt to get some answers, an Entertainment Tonight reporter showed Dicaprio and the director of The Revenant, Alejandro González Iñárritu, the now infamous gif. Upon seeing the gif Dicaprio shared a laugh with his colleague and said, “Oh lord — that’s trending, huh?”

When asked why he reacted in such a way Dicaprio explained that the look was out of surprise not disrespect, “I just didn’t know what was passing me, that’s all!”

Although all of us enjoy a good laugh at celebrity mishaps, this Dicaprio/Gaga incident is a good reminder to not let speculation get the best of us. The internet makes it easy to watch only a tiny snapshot of something and blow it way out proportion.

Suggesting that Dicaprio didn’t think Gaga deserved the award based on five seconds of wordless footage is a bit ridiculous. Celebrity gossip is exciting and entertaining, but at the end of the day celebrities are people who make mistakes just like the rest of us. Putting their every move under a microscope is silly and doesn’t really benefit anyone involved.