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Who Let the Dogs Out?: ‘Isle of Dogs’ continues Anderson’s stop motion journey

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March 19, 2018

When it comes to Wes Anderson, viewers come for his mastery of cinematography and aesthetics, but they stay for his realistic characters and entertaining yet heartwarming storylines. His much anticipated film “Isle of Dogs...

What’s your damage, ‘Heathers’: Dark comedy explores horrors of high school


February 5, 2018

Set to premiere on March 7 is “Heathers,” an anthology television series based on the film of the same name. Originally released in 1989, “Heathers” is a black comedy concerning Veronica Sawyer (Winona Ryder), her not ...

‘The Great Unwashed’ held together by cast, not much else


November 3, 2017

I want to enjoy a comedy as much as the next person does, but I think that there has to be a limit. “The Great Unwashed” reaches very, very close to that limit. The premise has a lot of potential: a young man is forced to f...

Colliding Spheres: Sexual misconduct allegations influence artistic works


October 30, 2017

As the allegations against Harvey Weinstein continue to grow, many of us have been forced to re-evaluate his work as well as that of other accused rapists throughout Hollywood. This naturally means that very few films are safe,...

Franco, Rogan explore bad cult classic


March 20, 2017

Many have heard of the movie “The Room.” No, not that room with Brie Larson; it’s the one that critics have called the worst movie made in the world. There are always questions as to why and how this movie was made and al...

‘Logan’ serves as bittersweet swan song for Hugh Jackman


March 6, 2017

What factors make an ending great? Is it one that makes you laugh, cry or cheer in joy? Or does it make you do all of the above? Does it satisfy the viewer, or does it keep you up at night, thinking about those final scenes? W...

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