Franco, Rogan explore bad cult classic

Many have heard of the movie “The Room.” No, not that room with Brie Larson; it’s the one that critics have called the worst movie made in the world. There are always questions as to why and how this movie was made and allowed to be released to the public. James Franco has done an excellent job of answering those questions by bringing to life the events leading up to the premier of “The Room” in his film “The Disaster Artist.”

As soon as the first line was delivered by Franco the crowd knew they were in for a good show. The way Franco spoke and carried himself in the movie showed that he took the time to research and perfect his Tommy Wiseau impersonation. He told the audience, during the question and answer section after the film, that he truly took on his role by living and breathing like Wiseau throughout film production. Seth Rogan, producer, and Franco’s brother and actor, Dave, both told stories about how it would be hard to take Franco seriously when he was directing in character. Despite this, Franco’s bizarre acting techniques definitely pay off as he completely embodied everything that is Tommy Wiseau.

For those who have never seen “The Room” but desperately want to watch the movie because they are Franco fans, have no fear. The movie gives a lot of background information as to what the original movie is all about. If anything it is a great starting point for those who have never seen the film before as it will prepare them for how horrible “The Room” is.

However, for some who do not know about the film they may not understand what it’s actually about. Franco’s character in the movie can rub people the wrong way if they do not know Wiseau. Due to Wiseau’s extravagant and odd ways Franco’s character is definitely portrayed as the guy who ruins everything.

Without giving any spoilers, the film will finally give fans the answers they have been longing for. “The Disaster Artist” explains how Wiseau got the idea for the movie and why certain scenes were shot the way they were. Fans during the screening would cheer and let the Francos and Rogan know that they fully supported their work.

With an A-list cast of actors involved in the film including Josh Hutcherson, Zac Efron and the other Brie, Alison Brie, the movie was bound to succeed. During the question and action section after the film a fan asked how they got such an amazing cast. Franco and Rogan both said that as soon as they started telling their friends about their movie plan they immediately wanted to get on board, no matter how small or big their part was.

Overall, “The Disaster Artist” lives up to the hype. The movie was presented as a work in progress, so there is not a set release date at the moment. Whenever they do set a release date, be sure to add “The Disaster Artist” to your list because you will not want to miss this movie.