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Jack Johnson pardon opens up discussion about race and imprisonment

Sierra Rozen

April 30, 2018

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To no one’s surprise, President Trump is once again making headlines for doing things that have nothing to do with our current political climate. Considering that politics are a mess right now, from Trump engaging in Twitter co...

Mary Moody Northen Theater’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ excels through captivating performances, costumes


March 2, 2018

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Upon entering the theater, my friend looked at me and jokingly warned, “Don’t get attached to any of the characters.”“I may already know how the story ends,” I replied.However familiar you are with the legendary tragedy, i...

Oscar Nominations 2018: The good, the snubs and the ugly


January 29, 2018

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In about a month, the Academy will put an end to the campaigns and arguments of 2017’s best films. Viewers woke up early on Jan. 23 to see which artists were nominated for their craft in categories like producing, directing...

Franco, Rogan explore bad cult classic


March 20, 2017

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Many have heard of the movie “The Room.” No, not that room with Brie Larson; it’s the one that critics have called the worst movie made in the world. There are always questions as to why and how this movie was made and al...

Award-winning freshman brings ‘honorable all-star cast’ talents to theater

Sarah Gonzales

October 21, 2016

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Last year, Weston Smith was just a high school senior looking for the right university to continue his theater studies. This year, Smith is a freshman at St. Edward’s University — the school he said he automatically knew w...

90s nostalgia: ‘The Wonder Years’ should be the next spin-off

By: Amanda Gonzalez

February 26, 2016

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With “Fuller House” premiering this week, I started to think about other ‘90s television series that should consider producing a spin-off shows. Number one on my list was “The Wonder Years.”Told from the point of view of 12...

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