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SXSW Music: Kim Hyuna

Sam Jackson

March 17, 2014

For me, there is always a moment when I see somebody famous in person and I think, “Wow, you really exist. Awesome.” For some reason, celebrity to my brain is almost like the lottery in George Orwell’s "1984": a complete...

SXSW Music: Jay Park

Staff Writer

March 15, 2014

When Jay Park came onstage wearing a black hoodie, I knew trouble was near.It was midnight in the Elysium and all throughout the club, everyone was abuzz, even Lady Gaga. We all had come to watch this Seattle-born Korean star...

South Korean rapper PSY entertains America Gangnam Style

Life & Arts Editor

September 18, 2012

The world, or at least the United States, was unprepared when South Korean rapper PSY unleashed “Gangnam Style” on the world. Published on Youtube on July 15, PSY’s music video for his hit single “Gangnam Style” has ...

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