South Korean rapper PSY entertains America Gangnam Style

Life & Arts Editor

The world, or at least the United States, was unprepared when South Korean rapper PSY unleashed “Gangnam Style” on the world.

Published on Youtube on July 15, PSY’s music video for his hit single “Gangnam Style” has since received more than 194 million views in three months. There is no question as to why.

PSY’s video contains everything one could wish for in a music video—dancing children on playgrounds, attractive women in horse stables, expensive cars in an abandoned parking garage, and an infectious horse-riding dance craze that is sweeping the nation.

The dance consists of three parts—a horse riding maneuver (with ones hands gripping the rains and bouncing to the beat), roping like a cowboy (without ever throwing the rope) and a sideways leg shuffle (see attached picture).

However the meaning behind the song has nothing to do with horses.  It is, in fact, a classic Korean love song.  Throughout the song, PSY is attempting to woo the “sexy lady” mentioned in the song.

The lady is not merely sexy though, according to the lyrics.  She must also be “a girl who looks quiet but plays when she plays” and “a classy girl who knows how to enjoy the freedom of a cup of coffee.”   

PSY’s only chance of wooing her is by being “a guy who has bulging ideas instead of muscles.”

Contrary to popular belief, “Gangnam” is not a style of dancing.  It is however an extremely wealthy region of Seoul, South Korea.

“It’s like the Beverly Hills of Korea,” PSY said in an interview with ABC News.  

PSY continued to explain the humorous juxtaposition of the video.  “Dance doesn’t look like Beverly Hills… So that’s the point.  It’s sort of a twist.”

PSY himself is actually 35-year-old Park Jae-Sang. Although he may be new to the states, PSY has been a k-pop sensation in Korea for more than ten years now.  His first album was released in 2001, his first movie in 2002, and has even been a nationwide Korean talent show judge.

PSY shows no signs of stopping either.  “Gangnam Style” is currently number one on the iTunes music video chart.  His appearances on Ellen, the MTV Video Music Awards, and live performance in Dodger’s Stadium ensure that even if PSY fades into a one hit wonder, it will be a wonder we will not soon forget.