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What the Aziz Ansari case does for the #MeToo Movement

Lilli Hime

January 29, 2018

The Ansari article is a landmark in the #MeToo movement and, for some, it’s a breaking point. People are split on whether it opens up a wider conversation or if it was just a bad date, and whether the movement has overreach...

What is consent?

Staff Writer

April 12, 2015

Grey. Blurry. Uncertain. These are words that students and even faculty use to describe sexual consent in universities across the country.The elusive term that is impossible to define and yet impossible to ignore has been chall...

Suspect charged, arrested for recent sexual assault

Print Editor-in-Chief

April 7, 2015

St. Edward’s University Police have arrested the suspect involved with last week’s on-campus sexual assault.Gerson Sevilla, 24, was taken into custody this afternoon and is being held at the Travis County Jail. Sevilla was charged with sexual assault, a second-degree felony. The felony carries a sentence of up to 20 ye...

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