Cosby deserves time behind bars: age doesn’t excuse sexual predators


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Cosby has been sentenced to three to ten years

Last week, Bill Cosby’s lawyers made an appeal to a Pennsylvania court to overturn Cosby’s three to 10 year prison sentence. Cosby’s defense claims that there are string of errors in his sexual assault case from 2004 when Cosby gave Andrea Constand pills that left her incapacitated in Cosby’s home. The defense also said that Judge Steven O’Neill’s sentence was more punitive than necessary given that Cosby is 81 and blind.

This comes after Cosby’s late 2015 arrest and April conviction when Judge O’Neill refused to let Cosby stay out on a $1 million bail, pending appeal after deeming the former actor a continued threat to women because of how Cosby abused his fame, wealth and drugs to harm his accuser.

While the defense is doing its job for the case, to deem Cosby’s sentence as overly punitive due to old age and lack of sight is a revolting attempt to give power back to the predator that took away Constand’s power 14 years ago– along with the power of allegedly 60 other women over the course of nearly 60 years.

The defense also took to the state’s sex offender laws– challenging that they are “unconstitutionally vague” as the law requires judges to find a sexually violent predator to have a “mental abnormality.”

Even if Constand’s case is the only accurate one of 59 cases, there is no question that someone is a predator if they use pills to drug and assault another person. And there is surely nothing mentally normal about that behavior.

Cosby’s defense can and most likely will continue getting wrapped up in the details of the case. But a big detail that they can’t circumvent is the lasting trauma Cosby has had on Constand and potentially dozens of other women.

Even with these “overly punitive” conditions, Cosby will still have received favorable conditions.

The once-revered comedian has spent nearly 60 years using his public perception and attached power in entertainment to prey on women. Cosby got to live and soak in an entire successful career of wealth and adoring fans that didn’t know the sick and sinister truth that occurred behind closed doors.

Meanwhile, these women suffered quietly as they were paralyzed by intimidation and trauma. And they continued to for decades– continuously seeing their attacker reap the benefits of their silence.

If Cosby has 10 years or three years or even three days left, his remaining time warrants the worst conditions possible. At the end of the day, these conditions pale in comparison to the lifetime of suffering Cosby’s victims will have to live through.

So as Cosby’s lawyers concern over the authenticity of sex offender laws and standard state sentencing, there is one thing for sure that is not gray.

Cosby racked in laughs as a comedian and maintained the fun-loving demeanor as the dad from “The Cosby Show” while concurrently masking the predator who drugged and took advantage of dozens of women across nearly six decades like it was second nature. And this is more than deserving for a rotting, miserable life behind bars.