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COMMENTARY: How Pete Rose represents presidential race

Amanda Gonzalez

October 10, 2016

Baseball’s all-time hits leader Pete Rose has been making headlines recently. He is directly appealing his ineligibility for the MLB Hall of Fame with the Hall itself, after being banned from baseball in 1989 for betting on his own team as manager.All bets aside, the arguments made from baseball fans echo larger Ameri...

Millennials are feeling the Bern, Sanders can count on their vote

Erin Downey

November 13, 2015

He could be our next president of the U.S., he believes what the majority of Americans believe, and it goes without saying that he has better hair than Trump. So far, Bernie Sanders has shown multiple times in the presidential race...

Playboy trades trashy nudes for sophisticated content to appeal to its audience of modern gentlemen

Eleanor Fishbourne

October 22, 2015

Playboy Magazine has recently released its decision to get rid of full nudity both in the magazine and on the magazine’s covers.This decision was arguably a result of today’s progressively liberal and feminist society no l...

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