Millennials are feeling the Bern, Sanders can count on their vote

He could be our next president of the U.S., he believes what the majority of Americans believe, and it goes without saying that he has better hair than Trump. So far, Bernie Sanders has shown multiple times in the presidential race that he stands apart from the other candidates.

Unlike other presidential candidates, Sanders is running self-funded. Meaning, he does not pursue funding from any major super PACS, (i.e. independent expenditure-only committees who may raise unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions, associates and individuals, then spend unlimited sums to overtly advocate for or against political candidates).

Instead, Sanders chooses to receive most of his campaign funds from small, individual donations from American citizens. Sanders is known in his campaign as the democratic candidate who is the most outspoken when it comes to his beliefs about political activism and protests.

While in college, Bernie protested against police brutality, worked as an organizer for the Congress of Racial Equality, and is the only presidential hopeful who has — yes — been handcuffed. Bernie was arrested while being involved in a civil rights demonstration when he was young.

Another attribute that is unlike his competitors is that Sanders has supported gay marriage and gay rights since the 1970s. Concerning his stance on other major issues in America, Sanders has told many press and news sources that he has very “specific proposals” to increase taxes on the wealthy and billionaire corporations, as well as offer tuition — free higher education at public universities and pass a single-payer free medicare healthcare for all system.

According to Thomas Dowling, journalist for University of Illinois college section of USA Today, Sanders is most popular among millennials.

“Millennials will be looking at four major policy areas come 2016: independence from the Washington establishment, support for climate change mitigation policies, job creation and student debt reform. The candidate siding on the right side of all of these issues will very likely win the millennial vote. That candidate appears to be Bernie Sanders,” Dowling wrote.

Millennials do seem to love Sanders and his equality-driven mindset speaking as a millennial myself.

My twitter feed is painted with #FeelTheBern all day long as well as a considerable number of retweets and likes. Admonishing the growingly famous “Feel the Bern” T-shirt is enough to get you St. Edward’s University street cred, even in our prideful Red state of Texas.

Sanders’s unique views have done enough to get Austinites hot and bothered. According to The Guardian, “Politicians do not often inspire memes, or clothing lines or indeed young people in general. Young people are not even supposed to be interested in politics right now. The number of 18 to 29-year-olds voting declined from 2008 to 2012. The 2014 midterms saw the lowest youth turnout ever: just 19.9 percent.”

However, Sanders has sparked interest in large amounts of young people.

Whether it accounts to his promising plans to help combat the trappings of student debt or his outlandish demeanor along with his Brooklyn accent, he is getting millennial attention unlike most politicians.

For one thing, his aversion to big business corporations has caused a lack of third party support for his campaign. This fact could be one of Sanders’s downfalls in his political race, but ultimately the decision is up to the American people as to who the next president will be.

“It depends on those who think that he can’t win. If we can get those people to vote for who they genuinely like, rather than who they think is most probable, then I honestly think that public opinion would go towards Bernie,” writer of The Guardian article, Adam Gabbatt states when referring to Bernie’s likelihood to become president.

It is without dispute that Bernie is a competitor, but whether he will win is still up for debate.

Regardless, the outcome is up to you — Do you Feel The Bern?