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Millennials are feeling the Bern, Sanders can count on their vote

Erin Downey

November 13, 2015

He could be our next president of the U.S., he believes what the majority of Americans believe, and it goes without saying that he has better hair than Trump. So far, Bernie Sanders has shown multiple times in the presidential race...

Paradox of Hillary Clinton: Good at following, bad at gaining followers


September 23, 2015

Considering the media attention given to Hillary Clinton's campaign and her well known experience as secretary of state, you’d think this would easily make her the best candidate for president of the United States.Unfortunately, t...

Dark comedy explores unlikely protagonist in East Texas town


September 17, 2013

“What you’re fixin’ to see is a true story.”Richard Linklater’s film “Bernie” marks the Texas-born director’s triumphant return to the Lone Star state. Not since the cult hit “Dazed and Confused” has Linklater pre...

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