Real talk: Why Bernie Sanders will not win in 2016


Only one Democrat is qualified to be president this year: Hillary Clinton.

It’s time for some real talk, Bernie Sanders supporters.

Let’s be blunt: Sanders will never occupy the White House. Never.

Think about it this way: Would the very moderate general election electorate vote for a socialist, atheist, culturally Jewish, 75 year old, white man from Vermont on election day? No.

Look at all of those adjectives, especially socialist and atheist. The Republican Party would have a field day with their ads. The ads practically write themselves. Oh, and that’s before they get started on his policy proposals.

As I write this, the national debt is at about $19 trillion. All of the programs that Sanders has proposed come with the price tag of $18 trillion over 10 years, according to the Wall Street Journal.




As Donald Trump would say, that’s yooooge

Sanders is proposing the United States double its debt for tuition-free college, health care and all of the other free things he wants Americans to have. I’m not sure Americans are OK with that, especially since the senator has said he’ll raise the taxes of not only the rich, but also of the middle class.

Telling voters that you’ll raise taxes on them is not a winning strategy. Look at George H. W. Bush when he ran. He told voters, “Read my lips: no new taxes.”

And then he raised taxes.

Bush paid for it too when 1992 came around. It cost Bush the presidency and gave rise to the Clintons.

Then there’s Sanders’ tuition-free public college idea. If you’re a Sanders supporter at St. Edward’s and agree that college should be free well I’ve got some tough news for you: private universities would still cost money.

The only way college should be free from the government is if you serve our country, like by being in the military. Other than that, students should work to pay for school just like they’ll have to work for the rest of their lives.

What America needs is a debt-free college education. Now that’s a reasonable idea that can get support from a wide range of people, including some Republicans.

What the United States does not need is a far left or far right candidate that will only bring out the worst of the country. What the country needs is someone who can work with the other side and compromise for the good of the American people.

Sanders doesn’t know how to work with the other side. He says he wants a “revolution” this election that will bring politicians like him into power. Who knew that a person could be so naive yet so old at the same time?

If the Democrats are lucky, they’ll win back the Senate and make modest gains in the House — only if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is at the top of the ticket.

Kiss all of that away with Sanders. Oh, and Sanders would kill the Democratic Party for the next several election cycles if he is the nominee.

Now, some say Sanders is the new Barack Obama and will upset Clinton in the primary and go on to the general. No. Sanders is not the new Obama.

Obama was elected by minorities and women — guess who has both? Clinton.

“What about young people?” is what you’re asking me right now. Well as Hilltop Views reported in 2014, the young vote does not really matter. Obama would have still been elected with or without their votes in 2008 and 2012.

Young people just are not reliable voters.

Continuing on the topic of Obama, Sanders has not been very loyal to the president. He persistently called for a primary challenger for the president in 2012.

Being perceived as being loyal to Obama, the nation’s first black president, is key to winning the very important primary in South Carolina and minority-majority states. And there’s only one candidate who can tout this loyalty: Hillary Clinton.

Once the votes are tallied up in New Hampshire, an overwhelmingly white state, it’s smooth sailing for Clinton. The South, particularly Texas, will give her enough momentum to stomp Sanders out of the election and send him packing to Vermont.