Paradox of Hillary Clinton: Good at following, bad at gaining followers

Considering the media attention given to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and her well known experience as secretary of state, you’d think this would easily make her the best candidate for president of the United States.

Unfortunately, the coverage of who she is and what she is doing appears to be going behind her back into personal issues and finally taking a toll on the potential candidate. 

Recently, a CNN/ORC poll shows Clinton’s support from women slipping away, falling to democratic socialist Bernie Sanders but ironically more so to current Vice President Joe Biden, who isn’t even formally running at the moment.

For those of us college kids who are surprised that the social media hype train #feelthebern isn’t being followed by polling results, fear not. 

The amount of people under 50 who were being polled was negligible, marked with the classic N/A, or not applicable (to polling or voting). God forbid what happens if this were to ever change.

Even if the audience of people being polled are well aged, surely there is a reason that the women’s vote is slipping away from the only woman in the Democratic primary. 

It cannot possibly be due to the undercover videos that catch Clinton workers skirting around election laws, because that’s from Project Veritas which has right-winged bias and, like all bias, destroys all possibility of reviewing the evidence at all.

Nor can it be for the scandal regarding her personal email keeping state documents. Surely all politicians must do this all the time, and she’s surely ignoring the questions about it because she wants to talk about the issues that people and the media really care about.

And it can’t be about the way she will change her stance on issues over time to fit popular opinion. Clearly the job of a leader is to listen to her people and decide what to do purely off of their opinions and not off of any personal discretion.

After all, there are no honest candidates in the election. That is a recipe for losing when the trust for all three branches of government are each at or near historical lows, according to the latest Gallup Poll. 

Sticking to your points and trying to convince people that your point is correct is pointless when you can just ride the wave with everyone else. That is of course, what a leader does.

Like the nature of the candidate, the whole subject is too complicated to talk about.

I’d be genuinely shocked to learn of any way Clinton can make a comeback even though she is already in the lead. 

Maybe she should just ride it out and pretend nothing is happening because she is in the lead. 

Or better yet attack her opponents, because history has shown how effective it is when it’s done to her.