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Paradox of Hillary Clinton: Good at following, bad at gaining followers


September 23, 2015

Considering the media attention given to Hillary Clinton's campaign and her well known experience as secretary of state, you’d think this would easily make her the best candidate for president of the United States.Unfortunately, t...

Former Gov. Palin gaffes, crack-ups make her unlikely candidate

Staff Writer

December 4, 2013

Sarah Palin will always have an answer. The problem is that she usually does't understand the question. If we look at her tweet history, we can see that sometimes Palin doesn’t even understand how questions work. “So we’...

Journalist for NPR discusses presidential coverage on campus


February 13, 2013

Writing skills are invaluable for any college graduate, said a veteran journalist and former White House correspondent for National Public Radio, NPR, to an audience at St. Edward’s University.  Don Gonyea, currently a national political c...

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