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OurView: National parks should be preserved, avoid unecessary addition of tech

Sierra Rozen and John Walker

November 12, 2019

Crisp mountain air. The chirping of birds. The scenic background of nature fills your vision. Suddenly, you hear the beeping of Twitter notifications. Is that an Amazon Prime package being delivered that you see? For the “Mad...

Trump escalates tension in Middle East by sending unwarranted military aid

Marcelo Plata

September 27, 2019

Throughout the last eighty years, the United States has had its nose in almost every continent in the world, interfering with elections, staging military coups, or in some cases, sending in American armed forces to sovereign natio...

Fox News’ hidden information raises questions about the place of ethics in journalism

Julissa Lira, Writer

March 11, 2019

As journalists, they have learned multiple lessons on what is expected of a news reporter and the news station, which are to be: unbiased, professional and factual. Fox News did not demonstrate any of these things when it was revealed that they had decided to hide the affair between Stephanie Clifford, who’s famousl...

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