Trump delivered on most pompous promises, fell short on others


The White House / Creative commons

Trump was elected president in the 2016 election and was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2017. This upcoming January, he will be leaving the White House due to his loss against president-elect Joe Biden.

President Trump won the presidency four years ago, promising an abundance of changes and policy that helped him earn his following. After his first term, this is where he stands on five different promises he made in 2016.


Build a border wall on the U.S-Mexico border

Trump’s famous promise of building a wall on the border to limit immigration and forcing Mexico to pay for it was not executed in the way he boasted it would. 

The majority of the progress made to the barrier on the border has solely consisted of replacing and reinforcing existing structures. This isn’t necessarily a “wall” either.

Before taking office, there were 654 miles of barrier along the border. Now, there is 669 miles of primary barrier accompanied by 65 miles of secondary barrier. This means that the Trump administration has only built 15 miles of new barrier and replaced about 350 existing miles with structures. 

Contrary to Trump’s original plan, Mexico hasn’t paid for the wall. The money has come from taxpayers, the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security and Defense and from the Treasury Forfeiture Fund. 


Leave the Paris Climate Accord

Trump promised to leave the Paris Climate Accord when he got into office, citing that the regulations from Paris stifled American economic growth. 

“I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris,” Trump said in a statement on the Paris Climate Accord. 

President Trump announced the withdrawal June 2017 which effectively took place Nov. 4. This makes the US the first country to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. 


Replace the Affordable Care Act

Former President Barack Obama’s signature achievement was not repealed and replaced by President Trump as promised. As part of the 2017 tax cuts, the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate was eliminated, however, the whole healthcare law was not dismantled. 


Cut taxes

Trump promised to lower the corporate tax rate and cut taxes for many working Americans. 

While Trump did deliver on this promise, large corporations and wealthier Americans benefited more than middle-class Americans from the tax cuts. In December 2017, the Republican tax plan passed and brought corporation tax down from 35% to 21%. Trump had promised 15% and had to compromise for 21% instead. 


Reinvigorate the coal industry

Saving the coal industry was a promise President Trump was not able to keep.

Trump rolled back environmental regulations on the coal industry, attempted to halt the closure of plants and even left the Paris Climate Accord, but none of this was strong enough to stop the decline of the industry

Overall, Trump delivered enough on his promises to make considerable change to the country. However, he wasn’t able to fully implement what it was he promised such as tax breaks for the middle class and the revival of the coal industry.