Austin embraces vegetarianism

Vegetarians across the country have long been stigmatized as hippies, weirdos and perpetually sick beings brought down by the slightest cold or flu merely because they choose not to participate in that hallowed tradition of hunting down, killing and devouring slower and dumber animals. Chefs and restaurant owners hold contempt for vegetarians, vegans and their lifestyles, seeing them as a lunatic fringe incapable of appreciating good food.

Unfortunately, these sentiments have spread like brushfire into the mainstream restaurant business, making delicious, affordable vegetarian options few and far between and leaving vegetarians hunting in the wilderness for their promised land.

But be at rest, vegetarian souls, for your meat-free Mecca has arrived in the form of Austin. The Live Music Capital may soon become the vegetarian capital as well, as the city has swiftly and shrewdly stepped into the vegetarian niche. Not only are there many exclusively vegetarian places that rate high among critics, but other Austin restaurants like Kerbey Lane Cafe and the Mellow Mushroom have many vegetarian and vegan options on their menus.

Meat-eaters who need a taste of the new can also find something to love about these offerings. And like many other restaurants in the area, the creed of sustainable and organic supplies is earnestly practiced.

Clearly, if vegetarian venues can bring good vegetarian food to the masses at a decent price, then we should embrace them. Austin has its image to consider as well. If we turned away vegetarians, how could we sustain our image as a weird, liberal city?

Regardless of whether you believe that animals should get the right to vote, or just get in our bellies, Austin offers excellent new tastes for the indoctrinated and the newcomers to vegetarian culture.

With Austin’s exciting and varied food offerings, there are many opportunities to sample vegetarian cuisine and enjoy a new change in personal culinary preferences.