Baseball players raise school spirit standards

Emily Blasdell

Sports and school spirit are not the first thing that pops into most people’s heads when they think about St. Edward’s University. However, over the past two years, enthusiasm at sporting events has increased greatly with the help of the HillRaisers.  

Two HillRaisers in particular who have helped are senior baseball players Ben Silberman and Drew Kimball.

One might recognize them as the loud, funny guys in the front row at volleyball, soccer, basketball, and even their own baseball games. To many students they have become “spirit icons,” sometimes even requested by coaches to be in attendance at games.

“Ben and Drew are probably the two most outgoing characters on the [baseball] team. Both are huge impacts to any sporting event and are always entertaining to listen to,” sophomore baseball player Jeffery Rohrbach said. 

Silberman, a Business Administration major, and Kimball, a Theater Arts major, agree it’s not just about liking sports, it’s about having pride in where you go to school, and school unity.

Both Silberman and Kimball understand what it’s like having tons of fans behind them. “When you have the people yelling and screaming for you, it really makes you want to perform at your best,” Kimball said.

Likewise, they want to show their support for other Hilltopper sports teams.  

“I don’t think people understand how fun cheering is at the games,” Kimball said. Silberman and Kimball are known for getting pretty rowdy, sometimes even making the referees and line judges laugh.

According to Silberman and Kimball, one referee has told them she loves coming to St. Edward’s University because of the spirited and fun atmosphere. 

Even if you are not a loud, cheering type of person, Silberman says there is power in numbers. Just being present at games shows support for the team and encourages athletes. 

Silberman and Kimball’s goal at the games is to uplift the St. Edward’s team and never tear down the opposing side. A lot of what they do is friendly heckling, but they are never disrespectful by using foul language or specifying numbers and names.

Opposing team members have actually been known to start laughing at Silberman and Kimball’s jokes in the middle of a game. 

Both Silberman and Kimball say that they aren’t the only ones cheering at games. It’s a team effort.

“We are probably just the loudest and most willing to be obnoxious,” they said.