Arguably the most popular father in sports right now, Lavar Ball has had seemingly no problem making headlines. From his charismatic vocal statements creating a public feud with President Trump, claiming his son Lonzo Ball is already better than Stephen Curry in just his rookie season, and creating a family brand that sells shoes at an absurd starting price of $495, it is unsurprising people consider this man over-the-top. But perhaps his latest move is what has caused the most controversy.

Ball pulled his 16-year-old son, LaMelo, out from high school and his 19-year-old son, LiAngelo, out from UCLA to play overseas for a professional Lithuanian league. Some people were excited by the move, others were skeptical.

Though I do believe that receiving an education is important, I think that this was a solid move. For the Ball family, the goal is simple: get to the NBA as quickly as possible–and hopefully play alongside Lonzo for the Lakers. If this is their primary goal, receiving professional experience can only help the Ball brothers prepare for the next step in their journey. The boys do not seem to mind this drastic change of lifestyle. They are focused in excelling through thisunique alternative path to the NBA as opposed to pursuing the traditional route of going through the NCAA. While the Ball brothers know that playing with professional completion is beneficial to them, they are also aware that international publicity is  profitable for their father’s business.

Known as the “Big Baller Brand,” Lavar can keep his business moving as he can now appeal to new international consumers. This in turn may help the brothers gain traction with a rapidly growing fan base.

Many claim that LaMelo might have a size disadvantage when playing against fully-grown men. Lavar has stated that he is fully invested in transforming his youngest son into the “best basketball player ever” by any means necessary, per Justin Terranova of the New York Post. While kids his age are typically playing on collegiate teams, LiAngelo is gaining professional skills that can benefit his odds when it’s time to declare for the draft.

Though missing out on a typical teenage lifestyle and education must be tough, with a platform as high as theirs and a father as outgoing as Lavar, this move to Lithuania is an exceptional opportunity to give the brothers a head-start on their road to the NBA.