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Fake News Awards are petty, but not totally uncalled for

Nina Schimcek

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While it is crucial for President Trump to call out the media on its bias and fabricated stories, his 2017 Fake News Awards are one of the worst things to hit our Twitter timelines. His use of Twitter as a platform to go around the press is smart because media can no longer manipulate his words, though this series of tweets does not improve his credibility.

Exposing journalists for their unethical practices is extremely important in this age of social media, but as president of the United States, one needs to act with eloquence. Being in the position as one of the most powerful people in the world, Trump should not be acting as though the country is a high school drama competition facing the rivals of inaccurate journalism. At the time of the awards release, which was Jan. 17th, 2018, he was facing the government potentially shutting down and decided it was more logical to give reports from the previous year even more attention than they already had before.

Maybe if he had put his time and effort into actually doing his job, he could have worked out a solution with liberals instead of letting the government shut down. The Fake News Awards was completely unnecessary and, hopefully, he does not release three more award lists throughout the next few years of his presidency.

Despite the fact that the president released the awards, the reports were so ridiculously wrong it was hilarious to read about them again. Two of my favorite Fake News stories made the list at numbers four and six. For example, at the beginning of Trump’s presidency, TIME reported that he had removed the Martin Luther King Jr. bust from the Oval Office, which was placed there by former president Barack Obama.

This was clearly false because there was pictorial evidence of the bust still in the office. The other story reported by CNN claimed that Trump was deliberately being disrespectful while visiting with the Japanese prime minister. A partial video clip was shown of Trump dumping his entire box of fish food into the water in order to over feed them but the part of the video where the prime minister did the exact same thing first was cut out.

These two instances of false reporting are important in showing that liberals will do anything to paint Trump as a racist bigot who is the epitome of white supremacy, even if liberals smear their own names and reputations in the process. The liberals’ desperation to make Trump look bad shows their party’s lack of priorities.

They already lost the presidential race and they do not have majority in the House or Senate, but instead of focusing on ways to elevate their party’s popularity, they poorly execute ways to bring negativity to Trump’s administration. Even though Trump’s methods come across as immature and petty, at least his approach is making him and his party successful. In the defense of liberals, however, if Trump continues to stoop to the juvenile level of the 2017 Fake News Awards, they will not have to try very hard to make Trump look bad – he will be doing it for them.

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Fake News Awards are petty, but not totally uncalled for