Social media editor, Cristina Ramos, bids farewell to Hilltop Views

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High school me would have laughed if you would have told her that I was writing this farewell for my college’s student newspaper. Back then I despised writing so much that I decided to go towards a degree in math to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a teacher. Now I am graduating a semester later than the traditional four years with a communication degree.

Unlike other Hilltop Views staff members I have only been a part of the team for one semester. I first got my start by writing an article for Dr. Tere Garza’s pop culture class. When I saw my article and my name in the paper, it amazed me. Towards the end of the semester I went to Jena Heath for advising to get the most out of my last semester at St. Edward’s.

She informed me that I should take the journalism internship class and become the social media intern for Hilltop Views. In addition to interning she informed me to continue getting my work published in the newspaper. As the social media intern at Hilltop Views I was exposed to working in a fast paced environment while catching up on what was happening on campus.

My time on the Hilltop has come to an end. Although I transferred here for my last two years, I feel as if I have experienced everything this university has to offer. Saying goodbye to St. Edward’s will be a lot harder than I expected. So to end this farewell I would like to thank those who made an impact on my life.

I would like to thank Billy Earnest for allowing me to be his TA and giving me great advice on my future endeavors. I could continue to go on about how wonderful Billy has been but that would be a whole article on its own!

A big thank you to Adrian Ramirez at the career and professional development center, without him I would not have built the amazing resume that I have. My parents also would like to give a shout out to Adrian!

Thank you to Susan Whiteside for being an amazing professor who provides quality information that pertains to the real world in class. Also for allowing me to email and pester her in her office with questions about my future career.

A huge thank you to Annie Hinojosa, without her financial advising help I probably would not even be at St. Edward’s.

Lastly I would like to thank Jena Heath for pushing me to continue to write and to become the Hilltop Views social media intern. Without Jena I would not be writing this farewell.

Once again thanks St. Ed’s! It’s been Gucci!
Is that what kids say these days?

I don’t know, okay bye!