New Assistant Athletic Director provides big school experience

New Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing and Communications, Kyle Robarts, is bringing prior experience to try and elevate St. Edwards Athletics.

New Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing and Communications, Kyle Robarts, is bringing prior experience to try and elevate St. Edward’s Athletics.

If you’ve noticed the new marketing posters for St.Edward’s athletics, then you can probably agree that they look different. If there’s anyone to thank for that, it would be Kyle Robarts; the new Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing and Communications.

An alumni of Abilene Christian University, Robarts received a bachelor’s degree in Journalism/Mass Communication with a minor in Youth and Family Ministry (2005) and a  master’s degree in Higher Education Administration (2010).

While studying as an undergraduate, Robarts worked as a student asst. at the ACU sports info office for three years. Upon receiving his first degree, Robarts held the position of sports info director at McMurry University from January 2006 to July 2008.

Following his departure from McMurry, Robarts returned to ACU as a graduate assistant for the athletic department at ACU (2008-2009), then bounced back to McMurry in June 2009 to March 2011.

After his second departure from McMurry, Robarts decided to take a two year break. Eventually, he would return back to the business as the Assistant Athletic Communications Director at Baylor from July 2013 to August 2015.

On working at Baylor, Robarts described it as the, “time of [his] life” and added how it’s a “complete different world from the small colleges.”

“Just the amount of media attention and fan support, it creates an entire working environment than the previous places I worked,” Robarts stated.

But aside from all of the press and media, Robarts said that the best part of his job at Baylor was the relationships he built with the coaches and athletes; something he looks forward to doing here at St. Edward’s.

“There’s always quality kids and coaches everywhere you go, who play a part in the student learning experience,” Robarts mentioned.

When asked what brought him to St. Edward’s following his departure from Baylor in 2015, Robarts said he “wanted to get back in the business, and wanted to stay in Texas for family reasons.” Robarts is married and has twin daughters who were born last December.

Robarts was hired by Jameson Adams; Associate Athletic Director. Adams knew of Robarts’ talent in graphic design and marketing, which helped distinguish him as the best candidate for the position.

“As soon as people found out that we hired Kyle here, they were like, ‘Well you guys are gonna have the best graphics in Division II,’” Adams said.

Robarts’ primary goal is to tell the athletes’ stories visually, and he plans to do so, along with promoting the service aspect of the programs. His focus on the service aspect comes from his understanding of the competition St. Edward’s athletics faces with the Texas Longhorns. 

“Because local news people will have less interest in athletic sense and more in human sense. My goal is to look for ways to convey St. Ed’s in a positive light that can be done through community service, and I’ve come here with a job already being well done.”

As for his expectations for the athletic teams, Robarts referred to a frame of his championship rings from previous colleges.

“I’m hoping to add a St.Ed’s ring.”