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Face off: Dangers Trump presents to America warrant impeachment

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Back during the 2016 election, I remember hearing some of my more reckless friends claim that they hoped Donald Trump would win the presidency because “it would at least be interesting.” I am sad to say that I thought that prediction was not entirely without merit, after all, what was the worst that could happen?

The answer, as it has turned out, is everything. From tax reform to health care, international relations to nuclear bombs, President Donald Trump has demonstrated time and time again that he is wholly unable to perform his duties with competence and dignity.

Rather than being just an interesting experiment in letting an old reality TV star take the reins of our country, Trump’s term has felt more like getting in a bus with a blindfolded monkey behind the wheel.

It’s time to begin introducing articles of impeachment against that blind monkey.

Having Trump in office has been nothing more than a huge liability. In just 10 months, he has managed to endanger American relations with Australia and Mexico, some of our closest allies. He seems to be further alienating Mexico and Canada through his antipathy toward NAFTA. His obvious and complete lack of decorum (remember the Billy Bush tape, anyone?) has caused heightened fears of nuclear war with the rogue nation of North Korea. He refused to certify the Iran nuclear agreement, despite offering no real, evidence-based objections to it.

Trump lies to the American public regularly and with no consequences, damaging the country’s reputation and the dignity and honor that is supposed to accompany the title of Commander in Chief.

Furthermore, the objections against Trump assuming office in the first place were never entirely resolved. The Emoluments Clause of the Constitution prohibits Presidents from accepting money or gifts from foreign leaders, and many people claimed that Trump’s business holdings in foreign countries violated this clause. In fact, there are three major lawsuits in the works right now to resolve this very dispute.

In addition to possibly using the presidency to draw traffic to his foreign businesses, Trump appears to be using his office to enrich himself directly. By one estimate, Trump’s proposed tax plan would save his own family about $1 billion in just one year. It also gives major breaks to the wealthiest of Americans and removes key subsidies that help the poor.

If Trump were to actually be impeached, Vice President Mike Pence would take his place. This is also not an ideal scenario. Pence is a foolish conservative ideologue that was a very mediocre governor and has mostly stayed behind the scenes for the past 10 months. However, for all he is, Pence is at least not one specific thing: Donald Trump. Pence is more level-headed and much less likely to randomly call the leader of a nuclear power “little rocket man” with no regard for the consequences.

After having seen the fallout of the past 10 months, it is now our responsibility to remove Trump from office. America needs to find a better way to deal with its distrust of the establishment than electing a complete fool. With about 57 percent of Americans currently disapproving of Trump according to FiveThirtyEight, it seems that their political frustration has turned on him. For the sake of our country, Trump must be impeached, and soon.

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Face off: Dangers Trump presents to America warrant impeachment