Intramural sports makes switch to individual payments, signups still open



Brandon Paz

The semester is in full swing which means that Intramurals Sports have kicked off.

Although registration for teams in volleyball and flag football have closed, there are spots available for the remaining events.

The sports that are still open for team registration this semester are Inner Tube Water Polo, 2 Person Golf Scramble, Outdoor Soccer, Basketball, Wheelchair Basketball and Dodgeball.

This year, there is a different format as far as payments are concerned. In years prior, teams were required to pay one flat fee for the entire team. This year, payments are on a person-by-person basis with each member of a team having to pay a set amount that varies by sport.

“We thought it was better to have an individual fee over one big team fee so we can have more people sign up. They won’t have to worry about paying one large fine. All they have to worry about is paying for themselves and just showing up… We thought it’d be easier for everyone,” Intramural Coordinator Baxter Coronado said.

Single Day Tournaments ($5 per person):

Inner Tube Water Polo – Registration closes on Sept. 22 at noon, tournament on Sept. 22

2-Person Golf Scramble – Registration closes on Oct. 12 at noon, tournament on Oct. 13

Wheelchair Basketball – Registration closes on Oct. 25 at 5 p.m., tournament on Oct. 27

Dodgeball – Registration closes on Oct. 25 at midnight, tournament on Oct. 27

Leagues ($10 per person):

Outdoor Soccer – Registration closes on Oct. 18 at midnight, play runs from Oct. 22 through Nov. 12

Basketball – Registration closes on Oct. 20 at midnight, play runs from Oct. 24 through Nov. 14

For those who live on campus, they still have an opportunity to participate in intramural sports for free.

“On campus residents who live in residence halls can use their passes that were distributed to RDs. There’s a $5 pass and $10 pass – the $5 pass is for day tournaments, the $10 pass is for leagues,” Coronado said. “All they have to do is get the passed stamped by the RD. They have to show it to us and they won’t have to pay.”

To sign up for Intramural Sports, first time players must go to and login with their St. Edward’s credentials. Once in, players must fill out their basic information and can then join, be invited to or create a team.