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Searching for answers in wake of deadly mass shooting

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Police have confirmed that eight people were killed September 10th during a Dallas Cowboys football watching party at a private residence in Plano, Texas. According to the Plano Police, Meredith Lane was hosting a party at her home when an argument broke out on the front lawn between Lane and her former husband, Spencer Hight.  At that point, Hight opened fire in and around the home. Police arrived on the scene and shot Hight.

Plano Police Chief Greg W. Rushin told CBS News, “We’ve never had a shooting of this magnitude; never this many victims”

The lone survivor of the shooting, Carly Shockey, was identified on WFAA September 14th and is still in serious but stable condition at an area hospital. Her family has respectfully asked for privacy and support at this time.

The loved ones of each of the victims continue to remember those lost that night on social media, leaving messages of love and disbelief.

This tragedy raises an important question: is there a connection between football and domestic violence? Removing the fact that there have been professional players involved and suspended because of domestic violence, some scholars say this is true based on their evidence. In a 2011 article published in The U.S. National Library of Medicine by David Card and Gordon B. Dahl, researchers concluded that there was about a 10% increase in domestic violence reports during professional football games.

It could be argued here that there indeed is a connection between professional football games & domestic violence. With the facts and statements that have been presented, it is clear that we must take this kind of tragedy seriously and realize that there are people who need our help. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, “31% of victims/survivors seeking shelter were turned away” in 2013. As a society, we must recognize the lack of support for this issue and work together to help others; it is absolutely imperative to prevention.

Of course, not only is this crime terrible and inexcusable, but I also wonder if the overexposure of these events in the media as a whole contribute to the frequency of mass shootings in recent years.  I think it certainly is possible these days because of the 24-hour news cycle, particularly on television, where the same story can be discussed for days on end. I hope that we can find a better way to handle these situations and spread awareness of the causes behind this growing issue in our cities and towns.

This week, the investigation is still ongoing and The Texas Rangers are working alongside Plano Police due to the fact that a Plano officer was involved. For the students of Saint Edward’s, Campus Ministry would like to give this message:

“The terrible shootings and deaths of these young people in Plano, TX upsets our sense of peace and well being…I think all of us on the Hilltop join with people across Texas in prayerful support for the survivor of the shooting and for the family members and friends of all of those affected.”

-Fr. Peter J. Walsh, CSC

Director of Campus Ministry

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Searching for answers in wake of deadly mass shooting