Victoria Farewell

After having spent the better part of my undergraduate career skipping classes to work on the newspaper, I’ve decided it’s high time I bring my GPA up.

Next semester I’ll be living in another country where my weaker language will shame me into not publishing investigative work; it’s the only way, I’m convinced, that I’ll be able to restrain myself from shunning academia in pursuit of cheap copy.

In spite of my own resistance, being an editor has become part of my identity. For better or worse, (probably for worse) I have assumed the role of the critic, the skeptic, the language snob; and although I have to leave Hilltop Views now, I think I’m better off for it.

For all my news-induced neuroticism, I have to thank Jena Heath, associate professor of journalism and digital media and unfailing adviser to Hilltop Views. Through all of the newspaper’s faltering, Jena has stood by our editorial decisions and, perhaps more importantly than her obligatory advice doling, she has allowed us to fail on our own.

I would like to say farewell to Andrea Guzman, my co-news editor and now editor-in-chief, who has never failed to uphold her half of our partnership. For being there every production night, for taking me along to report at the Capitol and at Austin City Hall, for chasing after congressmen with me and for encouraging a shared madness for this business: thank you.

To the School of Humanities, for housing us and dealing with our loudness: thank you.

To Jack Musselman, who is always down the hall, to Beth Eakman who is my fashion inspiration on campus and to all the other Andre faculty and staff who have guided me through my extended adolescence: thank you.

To the rest of you, who know where my sentiments lie. With Rosemond for being a friend, a supportive editor-in-chief, a comic relief and someone to share gossip with; Paula, for saving our paper every week with your design skills, patience and humor; Amanda, for braving entire semesters in classes with me and tolerating me at the office, (and somehow still doing the sports section on your own every week?); Gabrielle for being smart and strict, and a savvy editor; Lilli for always inspiring me and cheering me up; Dustin, Aldo and Jacob for being hilarious; the Viewpoints staff for being crass, but also, for being there at all.

To all of you who read the paper every week, and to those I haven’t mentioned here for lack of space: thank you.