COMM: Austin pro sports

Austin is known for a lot of things: live music, gentrification and politics. One thing the city is not known for is its sports scene.

A lack of professional sports in Austin causes media attention to focus on college sports. This is why local news affiliate stations cover the University of Texas’ athletic department so diligently.

UT has the second highest revenue in the nation, per NCAA Finances in 2015. However, there is one thing there program lacks: an NCAA soccer team. The university has a club soccer team that doesn’t garner the same attention as an NCAA or professional team would.

The demographics of Austin and MLS fans are similar. According to Danielle Eby of Opendorse, both are majority white and Hispanic, and have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Soccer is also an outdoor sport favored by millennials, which is perfect for Austin.

Texas currently has two MLS teams, F.C. Dallas and the Houston Dynamo. A third team would be ideal in the capital. Sports bars could capitalize off of a professional team. Even those non-sports fans could find pleasure in drinking and cheering along a team with fellow Austinites.

Basketball would not be an ideal sporting option for Austin, as there are already three professional teams in the state: the Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs. Additionally, the Spurs’ D-League team is based in Austin.

After Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana in 2005, the New Orleans Saints were temporarily relocated to the play and practice at the Alamodome. During this time, San Antonio sports journalists spent a lot of time covering NFL instead of NBA.

Also, as long as Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is alive and rich, he won’t let another professional football team steal revenue from “America’s Team.” After all, the Cowboys already have the Houston Texans to compete with.

The secondary sports to consider would be hockey or baseball team. Hockey is popular in states that do not often reach 100 degree temperatures, and Texas already has the Dallas Stars. In regards to baseball, there is the Round Rock Express, a minor league team, in addition to two Texas teams: the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros.

An MLS team would boost Austin’s revenue through sporting events and create a community for Central Texas soccer fans.