Trumpcare fails to ruin the lives of ordinary citizens

Democratic Senator Bob Menendez may have summed up last Friday’s events most eloquently on Twitter: “Hey Republicans, don’t worry, that burn is covered under the Affordable Care Act.”

By the grace of God, and all the decent human beings that didn’t allow the bill to pass, “Trumpcare” failed. What did they expect? The plan was so lacking in detail that not even Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price could provide sufficient explanation of it; the best he could offer is asking the American public to “imagine” a good healthcare plan, and never actually make it a reality.

For those of you who didn’t know the specifics of Trumpcare, a good summary of it is the scene in “The Emperor’s New Groove” where Yzma tells a villager who needs food for his family “Ha! You really should have thought of that before you became peasants!”

But considering there are readers who genuinely don’t understand why Trumpcare would have been harmful, I’ll provide a more thorough explanation.

If Trumpcare would have passed, it would have basically screwed over anyone who isn’t rich, young, or male. It would also have frozen Medicaid expansion, which keeps those who can’t afford coverage from receiving Medicaid.

The bill would have included major tax cuts to the rich and doesn’t mandate employers to give coverage to their full-time employees. It would have allowed insurers to charge older citizens more for their coverage, and it also would have defunded Planned Parenthood.

If you still don’t know why any of this is bad, then your family is either getting one of those tax cuts, or you’re one of the privileged white boys that the bill would have been providing coverage for. Here’s an example that’ll get you jazzed about hating Trumpcare: if you got your girlfriend pregnant, she wouldn’t be able to get an abortion that your daddy would’ve paid out of pocket for. You know why? Because there would be no Planned Parenthood.

The only good thing about Trumpcare passing would have been all the Trump voters losing coverage and wondering why. Why did Trump let this happen? Why is he taking away my healthcare? Newsflash, it’s because he’s looking out for the one percent. That was apparent when they ran a campaign that focused on making tax cuts for the rich, when they only wagged their fingers at white supremacists who praised Trump and when they picked a vice president who allegedly believes you can electrocute the gay away.

The existence of Trumpcare either means the administration doesn’t know you need health care to live, or they do know and they’re working their way up to creating tournaments where uninsured people fight to the death for insurance. I hope the huge cover charge will be worth the entertainment value that only an old man with dementia fighting a pregnant teen can offer.

The only thing that would’ve been more entertaining would be watching all the former Trump supporters without health care saying how “ashamed” they are on Twitter. You should have been ashamed when you overlooked his policies in order to protect your ostensible privilege.