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Is spring break a good idea?

This dawn when I was sitting at the breakfast table, sipping my tea, relishing my toast and reading my emails, I got a call from an old friend. As I facetimed with her, I heard a thump off-camera.

When I asked her what happened, she rotated her camera towards her baby, and I observed a four-year-old lying on the ground with bowl of Cheerios upside down on his chest, tittering maniacally — he fell off his chair. And then a thought crossed my mind — spring break is merely another occasion for students to become a giant toddler!

But should spring break be eliminated?

I don’t think anybody desires to eliminate the fun of spring break — the time of the year when birds are beginning to return, the first blossoms of spring are blooming on trees and packs of college students are stooping on the beaches, which rapidly become a combination of sunburns, margaritas and wet T-shirt contests.

Spring break is often the most eagerly anticipated break of the second semester. Though it comes once a year, it comes with a regrowth of flora, livelier weather and days dedicated to relishing the new season.

While spring break might have been intended to be a break where people admired the arrival of spring and relax, things change. Now, the perception of it is less relaxing and more parties with abundance of alcohol and college students drinking on beaches. But despite that change perception, I don’t think it should be eliminated.

Few students devote their first two months of the new year to preparing an itinerary for the spring break with their families and friends in a trendy manner. Taking a break from studies and spending some quality time with their families, or volunteering the time to benefit a cause, can be on their bucket list.

There are ample opportunities for youth today to get their hands dirty and make a difference, or just step back and catch their breath. Not everyone is a beach bum and spring breaks are an opportunity for them to get a few things done apart from having a sluggish day routine and relaxing for a bit. This is ultimately last big break until the summer months from then, which may be taken up by another job.

Yes, it is another chance to live life like a giant toddler again, no matter how it is being spent. It can still turn out to be a precious moment of one’s life.